A downloadable game

The Sanguistella Wildlife Sanctuary has been founded for 10 years, and the birds inside have captivated humans for a very long time. Nobody knows how they got into Gatlinburg, Tennessee, or why they are only found in the sanctuary, especially since their close relatives are all only found in Africa. What if these birds aren't birds at all...?

Wildlife Sanctuary is an animal virtual novel that follows the Sanguistella demons, who were kicked out of Hell for being ineffective and weak, and a chain of events that causes 5 of them to leave the forest for the first time in a decade.

Playable Characters

The Dominant- The leader. An eclipsed moon inspired white-tailed deer who's good at killing, but is kind to everything that lives in her forest, sanguistella or not.

Lazus- A normal moon inspired writer bear cub who imagines himself as a journalist for his very own newspaper. Sensitive and shy.

Khuna- A mars inspired bobcat. Very romantic, and often has her head in the clouds about love.

Saura- A sun inspired coyote. Kind and caring, but not too talkative to anyone except Khuna.

(placeholder):  A bunny inspired by the M87 black hole. My friend is designing this one currently.